D. Dalakoglou: State, violence & public spaces in the European periphery

2 juli 2015 – Worried by the current crisis affecting the Eurozone and many other parts of the world, we sometimes feel disempowered by our lack of deeper understanding of the mechanisms that have triggered such devastating developments. Dimitris Dalakoglou, professor of social anthropology at the VU university in Amsterdam, studied anthropologically political transition via infrastructures and vice versa. His study provided an insight into the materiality of the wider European neoliberalisation project. Dalakoglou: “Today we are seeing one more stage of the neoliberalisation process with a capitalist crisis centered on the periphery of Western Europe.”

Read his interview to Julie Billaud from Allegra at: Allegralaboratory.net

© Dimitris Dalakoglou, BRON,
Photo credit:
Ross Domoney for crisis-scape.net 

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