I. Traynor/H. Smith: Greece hits back after EU’s Schengen threat

Migrants and refugees walk after crossing the Macedonian border. Photograph: Armend Nimani/AFP/Getty Images

27 februari 2016 – Athens furious at being ‘scapegoated’ over refugee crisis and fears effect of being expelled from passport-free zone.
Greece has hit back angrily after being given three months to avoid being suspended from Europe’s free-travel Schengen area because of its alleged failures to get a grip on the continent’s mass migration crisis.
The European commission said on Wednesday that Athens was failing to observe its obligations under the rules governing Europe’s 26-country passport-free travel area, known as Schengen.

This article is written by Ian Traynor and Helena Smith.
Ian Traynor is the Guardian’s European editor. He is based in Brussels.
Helena Smith is the Guardian’s correspondent in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

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