A. Ioannidis: Stand in solidarity with the struggle of the Greek people

4 maart 2015 – The famous Greek-Cypriot singer songwriter Alkinoos Ioannidis, wrote an open letter (published in Open Democracy) to reach European citizens and make clear what the austerity measures imposed to Greece by trojka actually mean.

“What does our salvation look like? Our people have been asked to go hungry in order to bail out the debts created by a wealthy and powerful minority, not just in the country but internationally. Greece is still the ideal place for your vacations, but a very difficult place to live. Suicides have risen dramatically. People with health insurance, who have paid taxes all their lives, are dying without the medicine and treatment they need. Uninsured, unemployed patients die helplessly. Children faint at school due to malnutrition. Despair grows deeper. The neo-nazi party Golden Dawn has the third highest vote, even with its leaders in jail. All this happens in the Europe of 2015. And the debt grows bigger.”

Read the article of Alkinoos Ioannidis op Open Democraty.net

Photo credit: Ira Gelb/Flickr/Bron

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