F. Coppola: Dr. Schaeuble’s Master Plan

14 juli 2015 – According to Forbes writer Frances Coppola is “the deal that was finally agreed not sustainable. Everyone knows that. It was widely panned not only by left-sympathising economists, but also by Wall Street. It is questionable whether the Greek government will be able to get the first tranche of contentious requirements through its own parliament by Wednesday July 15th, and if it does not then the whole deal is off. And as I write, the IMF has entered the fray, pointing out that recent deterioration in Greece’s economy makes the debt profile from the new deal unsustainable.
She comments that: “So for Dr. Schaueble, the master plan is proceeding well. The Greeks will either be forced to leave because they failed to comply with program requirements (in which case it is their fault), or the whole program will fail because the IMF refuses to contribute. Either way, he will achieve his objective of eliminating Greece from the Eurozone. And – importantly – Germany will escape blame.”
Coppola concludes: “We shall see who buys into Dr. Schaeuble’s dream. I fear for those who do not, but even more for those who do. If Dr. Schaeuble gets his way he will in effect create a German hegemon with vassal states. And the last time we had one of those it ended really well, didn’t it?
The world has watched the events of the last two weeks with growing distress and horror, from the use of banks as weapons to the mental torture of an elected representative of a sovereign country.”

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© Frances Coppola, 14.07.2015, Bron

Photo: by Kathimerini

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