E. Holodny: Here’s why the next Greek crisis will be much harder to resolve

REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

9 februari 2016 – “Greece is not doing well. The country’s government is once again stuck in between appeasing its creditors, who are calling for more pension reform, and appeasing its constituents, who are protesting the fact that they’ll be worse of economically if/when these austerity measures come into fruition.”

“When the refugee crisis and the Greek financial crisis collide with domestic and EU politics, we’ll be right back in the soup,” Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer wrote in a recent note.

“So, essentially, the European political crisis boils down to a Greek national emergency. The Greek “deal” is much more likely to fall apart in this environment.”

By Elena Holodny. She works at Business Insider UK and graduated from Colombia with a degree in Economics.

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