J. C. Völkel: Why are so many people dying in the Mediterranean?


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27 januari 2016 – Why are so many people dying in the Mediterranean and what can we do about it?

“There are two main reasons for this: careless behaviour of the smugglers that help refugees to move forward from one spot to another, and rigorous border protection policy of the European Union and its member states that favours security through closed borders over securing safe ways into the EU.”

Jan Claudius Völkel, Professor at Cairo University, Euro-Mediterranean Studies Programme and Regional Coordinator for North Africa and the Middle East at the Bertelsmann Transformation Index analyses and comments:

“However, keeping security as predominant goal in its border control leads to paradox results that neither increase security for the EU nor provides immigrants with the necessary protection. Therefore, the thousands of fatal incidents in the Mediterranean and the deserted areas before should trigger a comprehensive recalibration of existing immigration policies. Death numbers will not go down as long as Europe sticks to its restrictive visa and travel policies.”

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